Joe Kerr

photo ceredit Monica Passin

Piano player & songwriter Joe Kerr, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, has written songs for BBC Radio, National Lampoon and Sesame Street.  In addition to The Western Caravan, he performs his own music in clubs and cabarets and can be heard as a sideman on Cds by  Hot Club Of Cowtown  and Elana James. His songs have recently been played in the world’s fanciest venues by the classical comedy group Igudesman and Joo.

Some reviews about Joe:

“Caustically funny…” Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“Superfine pianist..” The Village Voice

“If anyone can pull that off, … it’s Kerr — bluesy jazz pianist, lyricist, composer, teacher, bon vivant extraordinaire”  Jan Herman,

“Texas great Joe Kerr…” Craig Havighurst, Nashville Tennessean

*A founding member of the Western Caravan,  Joe now lives in the sticks outside of Philly, but he still tries to get into NYC and play with the boys whenever possible.