Sound Clips

The Western Caravan

        The Western Caravan featuring Thirsty Dave was formed in 1995 by guitarist Whit Smith (now with Austin-based Hot Club Of Cowtown).  This 8-piece Western Swing Orchestra has been serving up classic Country, Western Swing and Honky-Tonk standards as well as their own engaging originals to New York's  connoisseurs and homesick Texans ever since.  The members of the band include:

Steve Alcott - bass

Thirsty Dave Hansen - vocals

Joe Kerr - piano

Skip Krevens - pedal steel

Van Manakas - guitar

Bob Mastro - violin

Kenny Kosek - violin

Dave Sonneborn - drums & vocals

With Mark Morris - March 2006

The Western Caravan family also includes John Widgren, Spanky Davis, Mike Coon, Dan Hovey, Matt Munisteri, Carolyn Dutton, Herb Clay and Mark Rubenstein